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Frequently Asked Questions

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Health Insurance FAQs

Why does WVU require students to carry health insurance?
I already have health insurance. How do I show proof of insurance?
Do I have to enroll in the WVU student health insurance plan to use WVU Student Health Services?
How do I know if my health insurance coverage is adequate?

Waiver FAQs

I logged into the waiver site and I'm receiving a message that I'm ineligible. What should I do?
What if I missed the waiver deadline?
I'm a Graduate Assistant. Do I need to complete the student health insurance waiver?
I'm enrolled in an online program and will not be attending classes on campus. Do I need to complete a waiver?

Aetna Student Health Insurance FAQs

My privacy is very important to me. Can I change the address with Aetna Student Health, or can I go paperless?
Can I pay for the WVU Aetna plan with financial aid?
What happens to my health insurance coverage if I withdraw from classes?
What happens to my health insurance coverage when I graduate?
Can I enroll my spouse and children in the WVU Aetna plan?
How do I access my Aetna ID card?

Immunization FAQs

What immunizations are required at WVU and WVU Tech?
Who is required to show proof of immunization?
How do I submit my proof of immunization?