Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Insurance FAQs

1. Why is WVU requiring students to have insurance?
2. Are WVU's Student Health Services changing?
3. I already have health insurance. How do I show proof of insurance?
4. Do I have to enroll in the WVU student health insurance plan in order to use WVU Student Health Services?
5. How do I determine if my health plan is adequate?
6. If I am taking less than 6 hours, do I have to have health insurance?
7. How can I tell if WVU's Student Health Services is covered by my health insurance plan?

Waiver FAQs

8. I logged in to the waiver site and it says I am ineligible for a waiver. What should I do?
9. Can I access the waiver site on my iPad/iPhone/etc.?
10. I am a Graduate Assistant for the Fall semester. Is there any action I need to take as the semester changes?
11. I am enrolled in an online degree program and do not attend any classes on campus. Do I need to complete a waiver?

12. How do I know if my health insurance plan meets WVU's criteria?
13. What happens if I do not complete the waiver application by the set deadlines?

Aetna Student Health Insurance FAQs

14. My privacy is very important to me. Can I change the address my Aetna student health insurance information is sent to, or can I go paperless?
15. Can I pay for the WVU-sponsored health insurance plan with my financial aid package?
16. Does the WVU Aetna student health insurance plan provide coverage if I travel?
17. What happens to my coverage if I withdraw from classes?
18. I am graduating before the plan ends. Will I still be covered?
19. How do I get my Aetna ID card?
20. Can I enroll my spouse and children in the Aetna student health insurance plan?

Immunization FAQs

21. What immunizations are required at WVU and WVU Tech?
22. Who is required to submit proof of immunization?
23. How do I submit my proof of immunization?